First Flight

Okay then..
This is my first flight.
Posting pertama ney.
Sebenernya gw udah 3 kali punya blog! Dulu pertama udah punya, trus ga keurus..(ga keurus? emangnya anak?!? hehe), trus punya blog di FS (ini yg paling sering di up date, mungkin mau gw delete kalo blog yg ini lebih seru), nah sekarang ni yang ketiga.

What? Intro??
Okay then, my name is Natasha Febryana. But ppl called me Ebby (yup thats my nick name, only my mom called me Febby. But its only if she get angry or want to talk something really really serious to me. lol).
Im 21 years young (yesss.. young! not old! hahaha..)
And im still havent found what im looking for. U know what i mean?
I had a lot.. a looootttt of dreams. And im sure i'll make my dreams come true..! ;)
Im gonna conquer the worlddddd.
Bah.. this tiny little space wont describe me.
Just enjoy ur ride, buds! :)