Last night i had a dream about him. I saw him and he came to me and hugged me tight. So tight. And then i cried... I cried till my head feels like going to blow out. Then he said, "Dont cry baby... dont cry..."
And i still cry like a baby right now every time i remember about you, babe. I cry every time i remember every little things that we did together. I cry every time i hear a songs that you sent for me. And i cry every time i want to fall asleep. It's like i cant take this anymore.
Then i remember something that he said last night, "Baby, you'll move on your beautiful life and making your own history. Love you..."
And he left me...
I love you too, angel.


rani said...

by.. hiikss jadi sedih bacanya, been there too.. org yg bertanggungjawab untuk tangis gw yg sejadi2nya ngirimin gw ini, it help me alot. hope it will help you too darl.

When I am gone,Do not go to a silent place to think of me and weep.
Do not go into the hollow wood or the graveyard in winter or stand atop a white cliff, look down into the crashing sea and whisper my name into the salty breeze for I will not be there.
Instead go to the crowded concert hall - I shall be in the spirit of the music.
Dance and I shall carry you.
Go into the boutiques and I shall be there among the beautiful clothes and I shall pick out a dress for you and you'll think you've chosen it yourself.
When you sit alone at home, Watching films you'd never have watched without me. I'll be there too.

I know many won't cry at my final goodbye.But don't hate them, feel blessed and proud that I love you -I shall be in every tear.
And if you think you hear a secret voice in the music you play.It's me
Remember me singing. Remember me laughing.
Remember us dancing together, blind drunk.
Remember me being the bright spark.
Please don't dwell on the night I said goodbye

hiiks,, orgnya pergi ke london a couple years ago,, huks jadi kangen,,

ebby! said...

ughh paling ga enak kalo kangen ama org ran. :(

rani said...

ho oh,,, tapi desember ini pulang orangnya by,, hehehe bule kampung itu cuma berkunjung sihh,,,

ebby! said...

bule kampung yg mana sih ran??
yg ada fotonya ama caca yah? hehehe