Okay, dont read this.

So I've noticed a lot of people do this thing where they put on a game face and try to fool everyone that everything is A-OK when its not. I'm guilty, but I'm done with that. I'm way too positive of a person to do that. I have this uncanny ability to find an upside to everything, although I sort of lacked it lately. But I'm getting that back and I'm sort of just finding humor in things now that I'm pretty sure nobody else does.

I totally enjoy seeing people fight now, it makes me realize how stupid it is, like what if you die tomorrow? You have all these hidden feelings that you kept in because you were mad, and about what? and they never heard them. How dumb do you look then? It's these games that humans play that like, every single human being is trying to get the upper hand. It all comes down to status and jealousy.

Whatever, that's not for me. I've always been a simple person and I know it frustrates people. I don't let anything bother me and I let everything go, and for some reason it really annoys people. For instance, when important topics come up and I brush them off because I just don't have any reason to worry about it. That drives people crazy. Oh well, that's even less stress for me and more for them!

Another problem I have is like cryptic blogs, words, texts, whatever form of communication there is. Just be straight with what you want and what you want to say. If you want to love someone, tell them you love them. If you want to have sex with them, tell them you wanna bang! haha. If you want peace and quiet, tell them, if you want to party, tell them! Don't avoid subjects because they are awkward, or sad, or lame. Face things head on, and with words that mean something real. I'm tired of dodged texts, calls, messages, emails, or whatever. The sad truth is most people will always do this, but hopefully if you are reading this you will be inspired to just man up about things....cause it inspired me! haha

Everyone that makes me feel sad, or down, or negative, or whatever that isn't stoked, happy, or positive, can suck it. for real, if you are a miserable person...just..suck it.



Anonymous said...

Baby, its inspired me much.. :)
Suck it! yeah.. -stevie kiddo-

ebby! said...

thanks steveeee :]

si budi said...

yeah....menginspirasi aku juga!

(untuk belajar bahasa inggris lagi! soale emang ga begitu faham)

ebby! said...

haha si budi.. si budi. XD