Back To Square One.

Back to square one. If you are back to square one, you have to start working on a plan from the beginning because your previous attempt failed and the progress you made is now wasted.

But, if from the very beginning you (we) realized all of these things are going to be wasted and has no happy ending, is it still count as "back to square one" or is it just another playground for us to play and take away all our dark and bitter side deep inside of us? And if the answer is the last one, let say what we've been through and left behind us is just another hallucinations? What a nice hallucinations we had. Or maybe the proper thing to say, it's a memory (ies). Plural.

Just like The Beatles song, Free As A Bird..
"What happened to the life that we once knew? Can we really live without each other? Where did we lose the touch. That seemed to mean so much. It's always made me feel.. Free as a bird..."

Oh, and maybe the right conclusion is... We just grew up and finally we learned something from what we've been through. This is the right answer, uh?

I hate growing up.